Terms and Conditions

1. Design This is the longest part of the vehicle wrap process; it can take anywhere from 5 to 40 hours, depending on the complexity of the design and style of the vehicle. Certain graphics may have to be specially cut and contoured to fit parts of the vehicle, which can take longer. Creative design is the property of Empire Graphics, LLC. and cannot be used, reproduced, or distributed without the express written permission. Client retains ownership of the logo, trademarks, slogans, and similar, used within. Remaking logos and acquiring high-resolution images will result in higher costs for the design.

2. Client-Supplied Design While we will do our best to make customer-supplied designs work, we are not responsible for the layout location of said designs. We employ a staff of graphic designers who can work with a customer’s in-house designer to ensure accuracy in layout and designs. Additional fees may apply depending on the scope of work or time spent on customer-supplied designs. When supplying your artwork, ensure it’s high-resolution- at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) and sent in a file format like (.jpeg .tiff .pdf .eps .ai). Never send logos or images from your WEBSITE or a Business card - they offer poor resolution and quality. Remaking logos and acquiring high-resolution images will result in higher costs for the design. Empire Graphics, LLC is not responsible for low-resolution prints unless the customer provides vector files. Supplying your artwork in VECTOR FORMAT files .ai or .eps and High Resolution 300 dpi .jpegs or .tiffand include Pantone Color Specs To ensure colors are Printed correctly.

3. Color Matching Not all Pantone or PMS colors can exactly be duplicated by digital printing. We will do our best to match any specific color requests. Should you require printed proof before printing, please notify us & we will arrange for proof to be provided. Empire Graphics, LLC. is not liable for color-match prints unless specified by the customer. Reprints will result in an extra charge to Re-Print and Re-Wrap. Reprints prints may also be a slightly different shade from the last print due to humidity & temperature. There may be small bandwidth on prints when seen close up, but wraps are meant to be seen six (6) feet away. There are no refunds, reprints, or redo’s because this is out of our control.

4. Proofing Before printing, you must approve the digital or hard proof. We send proof by email; you must request a printed proof. You are responsible for spelling, grammatical, number, and similar errors. Please check these items carefully. We will only print once we have your approval. It’s essential to carefully examine the proof for any mistakes and immediately note any changes you want to make to the final wrap before printing. Any changes you make after the wrap goes into final production can delay turnaround and significantly reduce your costs. A mock-up template is a rendition is an artistic representation of what your graphics will look like. Empire Graphics, LLC. reserves the right to modify specific measurements and areas to accommodate production and installation. When the design is approved, Empire Graphics, LLC. is not responsible for typographical and color errors. All Artwork remains with Empire Graphics, LLC. Unless the customer has paid explicitly for the Artwork on the invoice. All copyrights belong to Empire Graphics, LLC

5. Installation a.) Vehicle wraps are designed on a 2-dimensional template. Since we are printing and installing on a 3-dimensional surface, slight variations from proof are normal. This is due to compound curves, indents, recesses, body lines, rivets, and similarities, of the vehicle. b.) Seams & Overlaps; Wraps are printed on 54” wide material. Since most vehicles are larger than 54”, seems and overlaps may be necessary. This is a normal part of the wrapping process. If installed on trailers with caulking, re-caulking will be needed since vinyl will not stick to caulking. Re-caulking would need to be requested for an additional expense. We are not liable for the paint condition of the vehicle when installed. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents, or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface imperfection may damage the film or cause the film to fail prematurely. Any recently applied finish must be cured for 30 days before the film is applied. Installers use a heat gun to stretch and reposition the vinyl and a squeegee to eliminate imperfections. It’s important to note that installers rely on sharp razors to manipulate the vinyl and remove excess material around door handles and crevices. Even with expert installers, there’s some potential for minor nicks and scratches. Empire Graphics, LLC. will not be held liable. Installation time is based upon many factors, including but not limited to film selection, curing time, places where vinyl material is being installed, size of the vehicle, the complexity of installation areas, and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We will make every effort to give reasonable time frames for installation but reserve the right to change them at any time for any reason. On Printed Wraps, What to Expect: Door handles will not be wrapped. Bumpers will not be wrapped on Vans, buses, and large vehicles. Wheel wells will not be wrapped. The running board will not be wrapped. Severe channel areas will not be wrapped to prevent wrinkling, lifting, and bubbling. There will be seams and overlaps. The vinyl may lift difficult areas. There could be bubbles & wrinkles under challenging areas. The final color may slightly print differently than the Digital Proof unless the customer provides a Pantone color match. There may be bandwidth on prints visible in close proximity. Reprints may also be a slightly different shade from the last print. Templates are mock-ups; vinyl placement may differ due to curvature and size.

6. Cancellation Fee Cancellations or requests to reschedule installation appointments without 72 hours notice before the installation date will result in a $250 fee. Once installed, printed vinyl material is intended to be viewed from a distance of six (6) feet from the vehicle.

7. Vehicle Preparation The customer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is “street clean.” We recommend washing the vehicle one day before installation. Please ensure not to wax or clay bar; any wax or chemicals left on the vehicle by waxing or clay bar will result in bubbles, and vinyl will not cure properly. A simple solution of water and dawn dish soap is recommended. If the vehicle has not been washed, a $50.00 cleaning fee will apply, and delivery time/day may be affected. There will be an extra Charge of $60.00 per Hour for removing Vehicle Emblems, Mirrors, Door Handles, and existing vinyl. Empire Graphics, LLC. is not liable for any damage if requested to remove parts from the vehicle.

8. Vehicle Drop-Off We prefer the vehicle to be dropped off the evening before installation. This will give the vehicle proper time to a.) acclimate to the inside temperature of our installation facility and b.) dry from inclement weather. Please remove all personal items before delivering your vehicle.

9. Pre-Inspection At the time of drop off, one of our installers will complete a pre-inspection of your vehicle, similar to renting a car. Empire Graphics LLC. will provide a copy at your request. We are not responsible for the condition of the vehicle’s paint surface prior to the vinyl being installed

10. Vehicle Pick Up The customer will be notified one hour before completing the vehicle wrap job. Should the customer be unable to pick up the vehicle the same day, please let our staff know at that time, and Empire Graphics LLC. will arrange to hold the vehicle until the agreed-upon day. Any vehicle not picked up within 24 hours of job completion (or the agreed-upon pick-up day) will incur a fee of $50.00 per day until the vehicle is picked up. You cannot roll down windows that have view thru or graphics.

11. Payment For all services rendered, a 100% payment is due before any scheduling, design work, or material ordering is started if the project's total price is under $5,000. Empire Graphics, LLC reserves the right to accept a 50% deposit for orders under $5,000 if agreed upon. A 50% deposit is required before any design work is done or material is ordered for all orders over $5,000. The 50% balance is due at the time of pickup (unless other arrangements have been made& approved in advance.) Any materials for the customer’s job must be paid for 100% before the order is performed, which means the deposit may be larger than 50% of the total cost. The ordered material is non-refundable, and there is a 25% restocking fee on top of the already purchased price if you do not proceed with the installation. A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any returned checks in addition to the amount due. If you are paying by check, we will not start or schedule your job until the check has cleared. Any request changes to the description of services stated above must be in writing, and any additional charges incurred will be charged accordingly. The customer will pay the remaining balance, including any additional cost or fees, upon completion of the job before the release of the vehicle.

12. 3rd-Party Installations We are only responsible for the installation. Wrap vinyl must be 3m, Avery, Arlon, or good quality air-release wrap vinyl. We are not liable for the vinyl material, the print, or missing print material

13. Removal Your vehicle’s vinyl material should last 3-5 years, depending on how well you maintain it. When it’s time to remove it, our pro installers can cleanly remove a wrap. The price of removal is $85 an hour. When the estimated cost is given, it's just an estimate based on how many hours we think it will take to remove, but it is not the exact price. We will add a charge if vehicle removal takes longer than estimated; hours charged for removal may vary depending on how long the wrap was on and the weather it was exposed to. Empire Graphics, LLC is not responsible for the condition of the paint and body when removing old vinyl.

14. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, TERMS OF PAYMENT, LEGAL FEES, AND DISPUTES Your deposit confirms the agreed-upon installation dates. We do not lock in an installation date if a deposit is not made. Therefore your agreed date can change at any time until a deposit is made. Any invoice not paid at the time of delivery is considered past due, and the customer is responsible for all collection fees, including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs for unpaid balances at the interest rate of 18% per annum. This is not an expectation contract, and we are not responsible for buyer’s remorse. By accepting the vehicle, you are accepting the job as complete and that the performance is satisfactory. You are responsible for inspecting the product and or vehicle upon receipt. The customer shall identify to Empire Graphics, LLC. in writing any dispute concerning an invoice within ten days of the date of the invoice. If disputes are not identified in writing within the ten-day time frame, the customer has accepted the job and the invoice. The customer must contact Empire Graphics, LLC. of all work in dispute, accompanied by a written explanation. After investigation, we will make appropriate corrections if an error is found on our behalf. Empire Graphics, LLC. is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROPERTY LOSS.

15. Returns 50% deposit is non-refundable. Vinyl material is a non-returnable item once installed per the customer’s request. All graphic artwork and ordered vinyl material for any projects are paid by the customer 100% before ordering the product. Suppose the job is canceled or the customer does not want the product. In that case, a 50% deposit is non-refundable, and the customer will be charged an additional 25% restocking fee if it’s a specialty vinyl. Once the vinyl is installed, all sales are final, and there are no refunds. If an issue arises, the customer must submit their complaint in writing and give Empire Graphics, LLC. the opportunity to see the problem and try and resolve the case before pressuring any legal action since all wrap installations are customized to the customer’s specifications Empire Graphics, LLC. Must be allowed to address any issues, including removal and re-installation time (if deemed necessary by Empire Graphics, LLC.), before the client issues credit card chargebacks or check cancellations. Empire Graphics, LLC. reserves the right to refuse any customer for any reason.

16. WARRANTY AND MATERIALS 3M, Avery, Arlon, Briteline, and Orafol cast wrap materials are installed per the customer or authorized representative’s request. We are not the product manufacturer, and all warranties are ordered through the manufacturer of the product the customer specifically ordered. For warranty information, you must visit the manufacturer’s website or brochure for specific information regarding the product(s) you requested. Empire Graphics, LLC is the product's installer, not the manufacturer. However, if there is something wrong with the product, the manufacturers stand behind their products, as do we, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Damage done to the vinyl material by the customer or any third party is not a warranty issue and will not be covered. Although vinyl manufacturers guarantee the material lasts up to 5 years, high-end material lasts 7 to 10 years; the actual lifespan of a vehicle wrap will be considerably less, more or less 3-5 years, depending on the weather and aftercare. No warranties on Chrome, Plastic, Caulking, and Non-Factory Finished painting. There are 90 days warranty on lifts and bubbles.

17. Aftercare Keep the car out of direct sunlight for 2-3 days after installation. Hand wash your vehicle bi-weekly with a nice soft sponge or rag. Strongjets can cause the vinyl to lift at the seams. Brushes and bristles can scratch your vinyl. And colors can start to fade and dull with repeated exposure to harsh chemicals and abrasives. None of these will help your vehicle wrap last, so avoid them. Don’t wax your vinyl-wrapped vehicle. It will degrade your vinyl and shorten the life of your wrap. (NEVER WAX or CLAY BAR) It will cause the vinyl material to turn yellow and crack. Take care of edges, particularly the doors, trunk, or hood. Should any damage occur, contact us immediately. Do not try and fix it yourself, or the warranty will be voided. Remove bugs and bird droppings immediately, as these can stain the wrap. Soak them and wipe them off without scraping. Use aftercare products with a low ph, like“Windex Vinegar multi-Sur-face” bi-monthly. Spray them onto a microfiber towel or directly onto the surface. Wipe the surface clean, then turn the towel and dry. This cleans and protects the wrap, ensuring it looks brand new for years. It will take approximately 30 days for the wrap to cure. The graphic installation warranty covers minor lifts and is valid for 90 Days starting when the wrapped vehicle is taken from our shop. It is up to the customer to maintain it. We recommend replacing Horizontalsurfaces (Hoods, Bumpers, Trunks) every 1-2 years.

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